1. When and where will the congress take place?

6th International Student Medical Congress Košice (ISMCK 2014) will take place from June 25th – June 27th 2014 at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Faculty of Medicine in Košice, Slovakia.

2. When is the deadline for sending in an abstract?

The deadline for abstract submission is March 1st 2014.


3. Are there any requirements for the abstract?

Yes. The abstract must contain: Introduction, Aim, Material, Methods, Results and Conclusion. The abstract cannot exceed 300 words.


4. What are the main topics covered on the congress?

The topics covered are: Basic Science, Dentistry, Clinical Medicine, Public Health, PhD research papers and Pharmacology.

5. What does the program look like?

The program will include presentations of the participants and guest lecturers including workshops of international prominent speakers and a great social program.


6. Will there be any lectures or workshops?

Yes, we are planning to have reputable scientists from all over the world; more information will be available soon.

7. What about the social program?

More information available here.

8. Who can participate?

Active contributors, co-authors and passive participants can take part at ISMCK' 14. Active and co-author participants can be: medical students, dental students, pharmacology students, students of biomedicine/biomedical engineering, PhD. Students should be below 35 years with exception of PhD students that are allowed to exceed this age. A passive participant can be anyone regardless of his/her profession or studies. More information about participation here.


9. How can I register my abstract?

You can register your abstract online via the registration  online section. The exact period for registration will be announced in this section as well.

10. Can I register more than one abstract?

Yes, you can submit more abstracts as a first author and you can participate as co-author as well.

11. How can I pay the congress fee?

There are two possibilities to pay congress fee, online and cash payment. The online payment is cheaper. More information here.


12. What does the congress fee exactly include?

Fee, for all persons, includes: Accommodation, Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) including snacks, tea and coffee (for the entire congress), Public transport (not included taxi), Lectures, Workshops and a great social program!


13. Where will I be accommodated during the congress?

The accomodation will take place in the Student's Dormitory on the Medicka street. More information here.


14. What kind of food will be served during the congress?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared for every participant for the entire congress. There will be multiple options for each meal including vegetarian. More information here.


15. How can I receive an invitation letter?

If your abstract is accepted for the congress, you will receive a whole pack of information, including an invitation letter made out to your name. This letter will be signed only by the foreign affairs manager of ISMCK.


16. Why should I participate at this congress?

You will have the possibility to meet many colleagues from your scientific field, to enjoy lectures and workshops of reputable scientists and to enjoy a great social program in a beautiful city and region!


17. Can I have additional information?

If you were not able to find the answer you were looking for in this FAQ section, feel free to contact us at ismck2014@gmail.com.

18. Can I choose myself whether to present a poster or powerpoint presentation?

No. Our congress jury will specifically choose what abstracts will be presented in what way.